Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Which door will Christie choose -- the controversial one, the controversial one, or the other controversial one?


Chris Christie:

a. "Christie's first test: Whom he picks to replace Lautenberg will speak volumes." -- Daniel Foster, National Review.

a. "Chris Christie has broad sway over Frank Lautenberg succession." -- Maggie Haberman and Ginger Gibson, Politico.

b. "Death of Senator places Christie in difficult spot." -- David Halbfinger, Jeremy Peters, and Kate Zernike, New York Times.

c. "Tough decisions for Christie in picking replacement for Sen. Frank Lautenberg." -- Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill.

d. "Chris Christie's Lautenberg dilemma is 2013-as-2016 all over again." -- Elspeth Reeve, Atlantic Wire.

e. "Chris Christie eulogizes rival Frank Lautenberg." -- Rachel Weiner, Washington Post.

f. "Brady to Christie: Pick Tom Kean, Jr." -- Robert Costa, National Review.

g. "Geraldo Rivera says it's unlikely Gov. Christie will tap him for senate seat, but he'd consider it." -- Fox News Latino.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Rubio: Cuba belongs on the state sponsor of terror list." -- John Hudson, Foreign Policy.

b. "Rubio raises the possibility of jumping off immigration reform push." -- Matt Lewis, Daily Caller.

c. "Marco Rubio's latest border security farce." -- Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner.

d. "Allen West advises Rubio on immigration -- tread carefully with 'Chucky Schumer'." -- Javier Manjarres, The Shark Tank.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Sen. Cruz accuses DOJ of targeting reporters critical of the White House." -- Jonathan Easley, The Hill.

b. "Ted Cruz: Abolish the IRS." -- Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times.

c. "Ted Cruz unintentionally explains why we need the IRS." -- Ezra Klein, Washington Post.

d. "Ted Cruz denounces Supreme Court ruling on warrantless DNA collection." -- Caroline May, Daily Caller.

e. "Only on the Brody file: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz to headline Iowa evangelical pastors event." -- David Brody, The Brody File.

f. "Sen. Ted Cruz reports half-million in assets that may not be obtainable." -- Kent Cooper, Roll Call.

g. "Ted Cruz: Obama administration reminds me of Castro's Cuba." -- Charlie Spiering.

Rand Paul:

a. "Only on the Brody file: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz to headline Iowa evangelical pastors event." -- David Brody, The Brody File.

b. "Call a doctor! Rand Paul is making sense." -- Roger Simon, Politico.

Scott Walker:

a. "Walker 'absolutely' backs bigger tax cut." -- Dave Umhoefer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

b. "Walker confident school choice deal will meet his goals." -- Wisconsin Politics.

c. "Indiana Republicans pick Wisconsin governor for fundraising dinner, Dems tap Texas congressman." -- The AP.

The rest:

a. "Portman to New Hampshire." -- David Catanese, The Run.

b. John Kasich "invokes Reagan to push for ObamaCare policy." -- Stephanie Condon, CBS News.

b. "John Kasich embarrasses himself with op-ed comparison to Reagan." -- Jason Hart, Freedom Works.

d. "Potential White House hopefuls to join Romney in Utah this week." -- Thomas Burr, Salt Lake Tribune.

e. "Rubio, Ros-Lehtinen, Diaz-Balart raising money in D.C. for Susana Martinez." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

f. "George P. Bush, wife have baby boy." -- The AP.

g. "Virginia governor's wife was paid $36,000 as consultant to coal philanthropy." -- Rosalind Helderman, Washington Post.


Joe Biden:

a. "Biden: Lautenberg could've won in '14 if not for health." -- Reid Epstein, Politico.

b. "Biden cancels annual summer beach party." -- Dylan Byers, Politico.

c. "Biden on mental health: It's okay to talk about it." -- CNN.

d. "Biden proposes teaching educators to recognize mental illness." -- ABC News.

e. "Biden: 'Doctors allow you to live, nurses make you want to live." -- Washington Post.

f. "Joe Biden jokes: Bradly Cooper 'caused me great pain'." -- Anna Chan, Today Show.

Hillary Clinton:

a. "Democrats must overcome Clinton nostalgia." -- Robert Borosage, Reuters.

b. "Hillary to host 'Project Pantsuit'?" -- Alison Maxwell, USA Today.

c. "Fashion world shows its love to top designers, de la Renta and Hillary Clinton." -- The AP.

Andrew Cuomo:

He'll unveil his abortion proposal today.

a. "Andrew Cuomo to push his abortion proposal amid obstacles." -- The AP.

b. "Catholic group rips Cuomo's abortion plank in 'Women's Equality Agenda'." -- Kenneth Lovett and Glenn Blain, New York Daily News.

c. "Conservative Party opposes tax free zones." -- Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol Confidential.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Elizabeth Warren jumps into fundraising for Ed Markey." -- Catherine Thompson, TPM.

b. "Elizabeth Warren -- Ed Markey's not-so-secret weapon." -- Joan McCarter, Daily Kos.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "Gov. O'Malley's 'miracle': Economic success in Maryland is only an illusion." -- The Washington Times.

John Hickenlooper:

a. "Hickenlooper will attend, speak at Romney summit." -- Eli Stokols, Fox 31 Denver.

b. "Denver Post rips Tancredo just before editor joins Hickenlooper PR firm." -- Greg Campbell, Daily Caller.

c. "GOP sees opportunity in Colorado." -- Emily Schulthesis, Politico.

Cory Booker:

a. "Cory Booker: Lautenberg 'was a model of leadership and service to me'." -- Igor Bobic, TPM.

b. "Ed Markey, Cory Booker seek showbiz money for special elections." -- Ted Johnson, Variety.

c. "Baraka slams Booker over lack of cops, recent violence in Newark's South Ward." -- James Queally, The Star-Ledger.

The rest:

a. "Gillibrand expected to pick up TSCA reform after Lautenberg death." -- Pesticide and Chemical Policy.

b. "Female senators account for changing Armed Services Committee." -- Kat Stoeffel, NY Mag.

c. "Klobuchar and Snowe in Minneapolis to encourage female politicians." -- Esme Murphy, WCCO.

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