Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Archaeologists, digging for remnants of immigration reform


Marco Rubio:

a. "Rubio cranks up his money machine." -- Alexander Bolton, The Hill. 

c. "Will Republicans fall for Marco Rubio's quick immigration fix." -- Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner. 

e. "Marco Rubio's self-fulfilling prophecy." -- Ed Kilgore, Political Animal. 

g. "The immigration bill is moving right." -- Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas, Washington Post. 

h. "On immigration reform, Marco Rubio is not the issue." -- Matthew Yglesias, Slate. 

i. "Is the immigration deal doomed? It's not just Rubio anymore." -- Elspeth Reeve, Atlantic Wire.

j. "Why Marco Rubio is against his own immigration bill -- and what it means." -- Rachel Weiner and Aaron Blake, Washington Post. 

k. "Marco Rubio's 11th Right." -- Charles Cooke, National Review. 

Chris Christie:

a. "Chris Christie and his special, special election." -- Margaret Carlson and Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg. 

b. "Morning Joe team concerned about Chris Christie: 'We need to call him'." -- Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner. 

e. "Note to Republicans: Chris Christie is on your side." -- Jamelle Bouie, Washington Post. 

h. "Chris Christie challenger suffers another setback." -- Shushannah Walshe, ABC News. 

Ted Cruz:

a. "John Boehner sits back as Ted Cruz fights budget negotiations." -- John Stanton and Kate Nocera, BuzzFeed. 

Rand Paul:

a. "Rand Paul 'can't imagine' promoting Susan Rice." -- Katie Glueck, Politico. 

b. "Sen. Rand Paul to propose amendment to immigration measure on border security." -- James Carroll, Louisville Courier-Journal. 

d. "FreedomFest draws Steve Forbes, Rand Paul." -- Jim Meyers, Newsmax.

e. "Susan Rice 1, Rand Paul 0." -- Joan Walsh, Salon.

Scott Walker:

a. "One year later, Walker reflects on recall win." -- Wisconsin Radio Network.

b. "Republicans nearly double Scott Walker's income tax cut in dawn budget vote." -- Mary Spicuzza, Wisconsin State Journal.

c. "Walker praises GOP budget action." -- Dan Lea, Wisconsin Radio Network.

Susana Martinez:

a. "Susanna Martinez: No to presidency, down on immigration reform." -- Reid Wilson, National Journal.

b. "Susana Martinez: 'Secure the border first'." -- Andrew Johnson, National Review.

Bobby Jindal:

a. "Equal Pay for Women Act heads to Gov. Bobby Jindal." -- Sheila V. Kumar, Times-Picayune.

b. "Bill to sunset solar energy tax credit sent to Gov. Bobby Jindal." -- Lauren McGaughey, Times-Picayune.

c. "Judges pay raise OK'd by Senate, heads to Gov. Jindal." -- Lauren McGaughey, Times-Picayune.

The rest:

a. Bob McDonnell "questions Washington Post report on staff emails." -- WTVR.

b. "Senator demands Haley say whether state paid ransom to hackers." -- Tim Smith, Greenville Online.


Hillary Clinton:

a. "Ed Markey, Gabriel Gomez clash over Hillary." -- James Hohmann, Politico. 

b. "Lautenberg funeral: Hillary Clinton delivers eulogy." -- Jeanette Rundquist, The Star-Ledger. 

c. "Carey Mulligan eyed to play Hillary Clinton in biopic." -- Borys Kit, Tatiana Siegel, Hollywood Reporter. 

Joe Biden:

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "GOP plans to block abortion bill." -- Jessica Bakeman, Democrat and Chronicle. 

d. "Senators express concern over Cuomo's bill." -- Michael Randall, Times Herald-Record. 

h. "Andrew Cuomo's history problem." -- Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review. 

Elizabeth Warren:

b. "Sen. Warren: Equal voting rights for all stock investors." -- Peter Schroeder, The Hill.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "For Gov. O'Malley, MD jail scandal caps years of trouble with Baltimore facility." -- Aaron Davis, Washington Post. 

Cory Booker:

a. "Booker collecting signatures for Senate." -- Jonathan Tamari, Philadelphia Inquirer. 

b. "Booker, Pallone, Holt lining up for U.S. Senate race." -- Mark Magyar, NJ Spotlight. 

The rest:

b. "Hickenlooper signs divisive bills on energy, labor." -- Kristen Wyatt, The AP. 

d. "Hickenlooper signs more than 50 bills." -- Megan Schrader, The Colorado Springs Gazette. 

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 212.

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