Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


Marco Rubio:

a. "Marco Rubio video exclusive: Biblical compassion compels Christians to act on immigration reform." -- David Brody, CBN.

b. "A tough sell? Rubio takes on immigration reform." -- David Brody, CBN.

c. "The Heritage Foundation is using anonymous, tax-deductible donations to blast Marco Rubio." -- Josh Barro, Business Insider.

d. "DeMint vs. Rubio: The Heritage Foundation goes all in against amnesty." -- Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner.

e. "Marco Rubio uses Miami Heat to sell immigration reform." -- Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner.

f. "Rubio would require immigrants to speak English before receiving legal residency." -- Alexander Bolton, The Hill.

g. "Can Marco Rubio seduce his fellow Republicans?" -- Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg.

h. "Marco Rubio is dead to me." -- Selwyn Duke, American Thinker.

Chris Christie:

a. "Poll: High approval for Christie, but marks lower on economy." -- Heather Haddon, Wall Street Journal.

b. "Chris Christie gets endorsements from New Jersey Democrats." -- Angela Delli Santi, The AP.

c. "Governor Chris Christie thanks Essex County Democrats." -- Robert Sciarrino, Star-Ledger.

d. "DiVincenzo backs Christie's reelection on a 'pretty amazing day'." -- Max Pizarro, Politicker NJ.

e. "Democratic assembly nominee Carmelo Garcia endorses Christie for governor." -- Zak Koeske, Hoboken Patch.

f. "[Senate Majority Leader] Weinberg slams Dem Christie endorsements." -- Darryl Isherwood, Politicker NJ.

g. "Pallone praises legal challenges to Christie decision regarding U.S. Senate election." -- Max Pizarro, Politicker NJ.

Rand Paul:

a. "Rand Paul calls for a 'middle ground'" on immigration." -- Robert Costa, National Review.

b. "How Rand Paul can take on the NSA." -- Julian Sanchez, Bloomberg.

c. "Rand Paul 'reserving judgment' on Edward Snowden." -- Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post.

d. "Rand Paul panders to the locavores, misses by 1,500 miles." -- Jens Laurson and George Pieler, Forbes.

e. "Rand Paul jokes: Ditch phone after NSA." -- Hadas Gold, Politico.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Ted Cruz embraces 'Obamaphobia'." -- Tal Kopan, Politico.

Scott Walker:

a. "Walker says he will sign abortion ultrasound bill." -- The AP.

b. "Walker comfortable with slow expansion of vouchers." -- Dinesh Ramde, The AP.

c. "Walker hopes to sign budget before July 1." -- The AP.

d. "Walker will go to Japan in September." -- Shawn Johnson, Wisconsin Public Radio.

The rest:

a. "Kelly Ayotte shows leadership on immigration." -- Boston Globe editorial board.

b. John Kasich "unclear on abortion restrictions." -- German Lopez, City Beat.

c. "Jindal backs limit on alternative fuel tax credit." -- The AP.


Hillary Clinton:

a. "New State mess could sink Hillary '16." -- Jonathan Tobin, NY Post.

b. "Hillary Clinton's record didn't match rhetoric on surveillance." -- Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed.

c. "Warren Buffett suggests that Hillary Clinton should be #45." -- Alex Crippen, CNBC.

d. "Hillary Clinton and parade of politicos hitting Chicago." -- Shia Kapos, Chicago Business.

e. "Be less excited about Hillary Clinton's Twitter, please." -- Noreen Malone, New Republic.

Joe Biden:

a. "Why Democrats should listen to Joe Biden." -- Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake, Washington Post.

b. "Biden: The last thing we need is another Ted Cruz or Joe Biden in the Senate." -- Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner.

c. "Biden: Supreme Court was wrong; Al Gore was elected president of the United States." -- Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner.

d. "Biden: Without Obama, 'legions of African Americans and Latinos' won't vote for Democrats." -- Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner.

e. "Biden to hold gun control event next week, revisiting issue that is stalled in Congress." -- The Washington Post.

f. "Ed Markey missing his own fundraiser with Biden, Gore." -- The Reliable Source.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Andrew Cuomo uses Rick Perry business grab to tout tax-free plan." -- Jon Campbell,

b. "Cuomo to lawmakers: Pass anti-corruption measures or face probe." -- Jon Campbell.

c. "About 150,000 petitions delivered to Cuomo to repeal SAFE-ACT." -- Joseph Spector, Politics on the Hudson.

d. "Gaming association may oppose Cuomo's casino bill." -- James Odato, Capitol Confidential.

e. "SUNY presidents see value in Cuomo 'tax-free' plan." -- Dan Miner, Business First.

Kirsten Gillibrand:

a. "Levin plans replacement for Gillibrand military sexual assault bill, Boxer blasts." -- Dan Friedman, New York Daily News.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Elizabeth Warren wants to make it easier for women to sue employers over pay discrimination." -- Erika Eichelberger, Mother Jones.

b. "SEC chair tells Elizabeth Warren she is considering ways to get tougher on banks." -- Bryce Covert, Think Progress.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "Gansler & O'Malley disagree on prison probe." -- Robert Lang, WBAL.

b. "Gov. Martin O'Malley rings up $9.5 billion in new taxes." -- Andy Brownfield, Washington Examiner.

Cory Booker:

a. "Frank Pallone cites 'progressive values', jabs Booker." -- Jared Kaltwasser, NJBIZ.

b. "Sheila Oliver concedes that Booker is 'articulate'." -- Max Pizarro, Politicker NJ.

c. "The Jersey woman who's a Cory Booker threat." -- Charles Ellison, The Philly Post.

d. "Cory Booker's celebrity casts wide shadow over other candidates." -- Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed.

e. "Unions' choice to avoid primary will aid Booker." -- Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics.

f. "Cory Booker: The inexorable rise of Newark's neoliberal egomaniac." -- Jason Farago, The Guardian.

In case you want a primer on the candidates facing Booker, read and look at this.

The rest:

a. "San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro at White House for immigration push." -- Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News.

b. "Julian Castro to McConnell: Get serious." -- Major Garrett, CBS News.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 218. 

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