Friday, July 12, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Howard Dean claims that someone of "Barack Obama's generation" will challenge Hillary in a 2106 primary (photo: Mr. Wright)


PPP Iowa poll: Rand Paul 18%....Chris Christie 16%....Paul Ryan 15%.....Jeb Bush 14%....Marco Rubio 11%.....Ted Cruz 10%....Rick Santorum 6%....Bobby Jindal 2%.....Susana Martinez 1%.

Chris Christie:

a. Christie loses to Hillary, 46%-40%, in a new Quinnipiac national poll.

b. Christie stomps all over Biden, 46%-35%, in the Q poll.

Marco Rubio:

a. "RubioDefund ObamaCare or no spending deal." -- Paige Winfield Cunningham, Politico.

b. "Patty Murray: Rubio's threat to shut down government is 'absurd'." -- Ramsey Cox, The Hill.

Rand Paul:

a. Paul loses big to Hillary Clinton, 50%-38%, in a Q national poll.

b. Paul ties Biden, 42%-42%, in the Q national poll.

c. "Rand Paul brings bill to halt U.S. aid to Egypt, post-'coup'." -- The AP.

d. "Rand Paul: I've got Mike Enzi's back vs. Liz Cheney." -- Alexander Burns, Politico.

e. "Rand Paul defends 'incredibly talented' aide despite neo-Confederate ties." -- Benjy Sarlin, MSNBC.

f. "Rand Paul upsets marijuana activists by saying the drug is 'not health'." -- Steven Nelson, U.S. News & World Report.

g. "Rabbi Rand Paul." -- Eliana Johnson, The National Review.

Ted Cruz:

a. "John Cornyn hires campaign aide with Ted Cruz ties." -- James Hohmann, Politico.

Paul Ryan:

a. "Ryan: Delaying mandates will help repeal ObamaCare." -- Andrew Stiles, National Review.

b. "Paul Ryan explains farm bill vote switch." -- Erik Wasson, The Hill.

c. "More kudos for Paul Ryan." -- Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter.

Rick Perry:

a. "Rick Perry's October trip to Israel sign of another White House bid." -- Ralph Hallow, Washington Times.

The rest:

a. "Sheheen edges Nikki Haley in first fundraising report." -- Shawn Drury, Columbia Patch.

b. "Sarah Palin: Mark Begich making me 'cheery'." -- Tal Kopan, Politico.


PPP Iowa poll: Hillary Clinton 71%.....Joe Biden 12%....Elizabeth Warren 5%....Mark Warner 2%....Kirsten Gillibrand 2%....Cory Booker, Andrew Cuomo, and Martin O'Malley 1%.

Hillary Clinton.

a. Hillary leads Chris Christie, 46%-40%, in a new Quinnipiac national poll.

b. Hillary takes down Rand Paul, 50%-38%, in a Quinnipiac national poll.

c. "Bill O'Reilly says Hillary Clinton will be president if Republicans don't 'put forth smart solutions'." -- Huffington Post (VIDEO).

d. "Hillary Clinton taps speechmaking gold mine." -- Amy Chozik, New York Times.

e. "Bill Clinton raises cash for Terry McAuliffe." -- Maggie Haberman, Politico.

f. "Howard Dean: Hillary Clinton will face primary rival." -- Tal Kopan, Politico.

Joe Biden:

a. Biden is trounced by Chris Christie, 46%-35%, in a Q national poll.

b. Biden only manages a 42%-42% tie with Rand Paul in the Q poll.

c. "Joe Biden calls for vision and maturity in U.S.-China relations." -- David Yin, Forbes.

d. "Biden discusses 'warming in relations with Malaki, Barzani." -- Kuwait News Agency.

Cory Booker:

a. "Booker: Newark budget to include property tax cut." -- The AP.

b. "Voter registration site linked to pro-Booker group." -- Jonathan Tamari, Philadelphia Inquirer.

c. "Pallone touts support for ObamaCare in first ad." -- Jonathan Tamari, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Sens. Warren, McCain push to break up big banks." -- CBS News.

b. "Elizabeth Warren hits big banks where it hurts: New bill would restore Glass-Steagall." -- Halah Touryalai, Forbes.

c. "Warren presses Wall Street regulators to take more bad actors to trial." -- Ben Goad, The Hill.

d. Glenn Kessler gives Warren two pinocchios for her claim that the U.S. earns $51 billion in profit on student loans. -- Glenn Kessler, Washington Post.

Howard Dean:

a. "Howard Dean: Hillary Clinton will face primary rival." -- Tal Kopan, Politico.

The rest:

a. "Gillibrand on call with Napolitano: Disaster declaration needed for NY counties affected by flooding." -- Robert Harding, Auburn Citizen.

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