Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Chris Christie wins the endorsement of an influential, black, Democratic minister

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Chris Christie:

a. "Christie wins endorsement of black ministers, who call for school vouchers." -- Salvador Rizzo, The Star-Ledger.

b. "VIDEO: Bishop Reginald Jackson endorses Christie, slams Dems on education." -- Minhaj Hassan, Politicker NJ.

c. "Jon Bon Jovi, Chris Christie join forces." -- Tal Kopan, Politico.

d. "Christie has millions of dollars in campaign cash." -- Michael Symons, The Daily Journal.

Scott Walker:

a. "Judge blocks new Wisconsin abortion law." -- Scott Bauer, AP.

b. "Walker hopes to expand insurance to low-income adults without children." -- Shamane Mills, Wisconsin Public Radio News.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Marco Rubio in tough spot on abortion." -- Burgess Everett, Politico.

b. "Marco Rubio spurned by original Tea Party supporters over immigration." -- Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast.

Rand Paul:

a. "Rand Paul mocks Rick Perry: Can't remember third good reason for him to be president." -- Eric Dolan, The Raw Story.

b. "Rand Paul blasts 'neocons' for backing 'military junta' in Egypt." -- Justin Sink, The Hill.

c. "John McCain and Rand Paul say it's a coup in Egypt, but only one of them wants to cut foreign aid. Guess who!" -- Dave Weigel, Slate.

d. "The world according to Rand Paul." -- Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.

e. "At least Rand Paul is happy." -- Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Ted Cruz: GOP did 'weepingly terrible job' defining itself to Hispanics, minorities." -- David Drucker, Washington Examiner.

b. "Ted Cruz tweets 'RIP IRS' license plate." -- Patrick Howley, Daily Caller.

c. "Cruz statement on Perry announcement." -- the Journal.

Paul Ryan:

a. "Paul Ryan wants ObamaCare's new cost." -- Elise Viebeck, The Hill.

b. "Ryan's campaign raises $1 million in 2nd quarter." -- Kent Cooper, Roll Call.

c. "Republicans meet to talk immigration." -- Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim, Politico.

Bobby Jindal:

a. "Governor Bobby Jindal says 'No' to U.S. Senate race in 2014." -- Melinda Deslatte, The AP.

b. "Whatever happened to Bobby Jindal? The feud that helped knock the shine off a Republican golden boy." -- Marin Cogan, New Republic.

Rick Perry:

a. "Perry won't run again in Texas (VIDEO)." -- Cameron Joseph, The Hill.

b. "Rick Perry sets his course." -- Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard.

b. "Rick Perry: Strategic retreat to presidential campaign." -- Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly.

c. "Why Rick Perry shouldn't run for president again." -- Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post.

d. AllahPundit's take at Hot Air.

Susana Martinez:

a. "Gov. Martinez's office evacuated over suspicious email." -- Las Cruces Sun-News.

The rest:

a. "Feds weigh Santorum probe for alleged campaign finance violations." -- Keenan Steiner, Sunlight Foundation.

b. "House Democrats want apology from Nikki Haley on voter fraud claims." -- Jeremy Turnage, WISTV.

c. "SC Gov. Nikki Haley says she was abused as a child." -- David Dykes, The State.

Note: This is not the first time she's discussed it -- she briefly wrote about it in her memoir.

d. Re: Huckabee. "Defending life in Austin: Texas rallies for the pro-life cause." -- Lily Smith, Live Action News.

e. "The GOP is more serious than Sarah Palin." -- Peter Wehner, Commentary.


Hillary Clinton:

a. "Hillary Clinton reveals a campaign-ready hair style at the dedication of an Arkansas children's library in her name." -- Daily Mail and AP.

Hillary's new 'do (photo: AP)

b. "Hillary Clinton gets a Little Rock library." -- Catalina Camia, USA Today.

c. "Oscar de la Renta comes to Ark, where pantsuit he designed for Hillary Clinton is on display." -- The AP.

d. "Democratic oppo group rushing to Hillary Clinton's defense." -- Beth Reinhard, National Journal.

e. "Not like Ike." -- Paul Krugman, New York Times.

f. "The campaign strategy Hillary Clinton can't avoid." -- Seth Mandel, Commentary.

Cory Booker:

a. "Booker backs raising federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour over two years." -- Max Pizarro, Politicker NJ.

b. "Lonegan denounces Booker's child poverty combat plan." -- Max Pizarro, PolitickerNJ.

c. "Frank Lautenberg family backs Frank Pallone, knocks Cory Booker." -- Emily Schultheis, Politico.

d. "Booker brushes off Lautenberg family nod." -- Heather Haddon, Wall Street Journal.

e. "Booker campaign plucks key Lautenberg staffer." -- Matt Friedman, Star-Ledger.

f. "Booker jokes about his poor golf game during TV appearance to promote charity tournament." -- Jeff Goldman, Star-Ledger.

Joe Biden:

a. "@JoeBiden hasn't tweeted in more than five months." -- Evan McMorris-Santoro, BuzzFeed.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Exclusive: Cuomo and Bloomberg take their rivalry to the water." -- Kenneth Lovett, New York Daily News.

b. "Cuomo may call Legislature back for flood relief." -- The AP.

c. "Governor Andrew Cuomo signs amendment to NY Safe Act allowing exceptions for retired police." -- Teri Weaver, Syracuse.com.

Kirsten Gillibrand:

a. "Gillibrand: Congress should spend more for parole oversight to prevent 'heinous crimes'." -- Mark Weiner, Syracuse.com.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Warren urges Senate to confirm consumer watchdog." -- Kevin McCoy, USA Today.

b. "Warren: It's 'just plain wrong' to make 'obscene profits' on student loans." -- Ramsey Cox, The Hill.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "O'Malley announces $650 million in Prince George's County transportation plans." -- The AP.